Thank You to the Warrior Thunder for a Wonderful Day

Thank You Warrior Thunder Foundation

This yearly Motorcycle Ride has become an anticipated event for its; beautiful bikes, trip through small New England towns, fundraisers, music and food.

However it’s the people that mean so much and make this event so special. The attendees are a great group of generous and friendly people from all walks of life and the Warrior Thunder team is comprised of truly caring people who are also incredibly talented and tirelessly hard working.

The weather didn’t exactly cooperate this year, but the downpours during the ride didn’t dampen the spirit of the event as much as it did the riders.

The “Easy Rider” Harley was awarded to the lucky winner, and everyone acted very happy for him…but they all wanted that bike.

Last but far from least there were some very special guests present:

Francisco Urena – Massachusetts Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs, who is a great friend of the Fisher House Boston…as he is a great friend to all in the Veterans community

and it was our honor to have in attendance

Medal of Honor Recipient – Ryan Pitts. It’s hard to put into words just what a great person Ryan is.

The courage and lack of regard for his own life that he displayed during battle is the type of dedication that selflessness that a very small percentage of people possess. Eclipsed only by his insistence that he didn’t do anything that his brothers wouldn’t have done for him. In fact, when he speaks of the event, he spreads the praise to the rest of his group…particularly to those who didn’t make it out, who he references by name and reminds us to never forget.

Thank You Again Warrior Thunder

The people mentioned above, including the riders at the event and yourselves, represent the caring and sense of oneness that all Americans should strive to achieve…We are proud to call you friends.

for more information regarding The Warrior Thunder Foundation contact us at:

(508) 244-9950

Easy Rider Bike