Thank You West Point and Boston Bruins Alumni Hockey Teams

Thanks to The West Point Alumni Hockey Team and The Boston Bruins Alumni Team for a wonderful event that was successful and a lot of fun.

The newest Congregational Medal of Honor Recipient, Sergeant Ryan Pitts was on hand for the game and looked ready to take the ice with his Bruins Jersey on.

As an added bonus, Bruins Alumni Captain, Rick Middleton received special recognition for earning his US Citizenship just prior to the game.

Also on hand was Frankie Cosolito from Catholic Memorial, who played a great game on defense in what Rick Middleton called their toughest game of the year.

Sergeant Ryan Pitts, Tommy Lyons, Francisco Urena, Joanne Patton, Dale Kurtz, Nick Van Landeghem

Frankie Cosolito, Tommy Lyons, Sergeant Ryan Pitts, Jennifer DeLuca, Rick Middleton, Matt Daly

Rick Middleton receives American Flag cake to celebrate his USA Citizenship

Rick Middleton, Matt Daly, Emily Spencer, Sergeant Ryan Pitts

Game action in front of the Bruins net

Fighting for the Puck

Just out of reach

Game action in front of the Bruins net

Sergeant Ryan Pitts, Jennifer DeLuca, Rick Middleton

Sergeant Ryan Pitts, Wearing Congressional Medal of Honor