I would like to Thank WRKO, Jeff Kuhner, Cooksey, Brittney, Adam, and everyone else who participated in the WRKO Radiothon.

As I open the donations and the read the beautiful notes from the listeners that made this such a success I am moved to tears.

“with heartfelt Thanks to our military and their immense sacrifices, I enclose this donation”

“For your kindness in caring for families so dear”

“with love and appreciation for our military and their families sacrifices, we make this donation”

“God bless our Military serving currently and who have served this great country in the past- thank you Fisher House for always remembering the care they deserve”

It is because of you and your support we are able to continue our mission of caring for our Military families, our Greatest National Treasures!

Please know, I read each note that is sent to me, your words mean the world to us!

We Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support!

See the WRKO site for some great Pictures, Videos and other information