Thanks to WRKO for Hosting The 2015 Fisher House Boston Radiothon



WRKO’s Second Annual Fisher House Boston Radiothon was an incredible success, and it was all thanks to the listeners of WRKO Radio, the on air personalities and the numerous volunteers who gave their time to this important event

A Special Thanks goes out to:

Jeff Khuner for his undeniable understanding of the importance of our mission

The WRKO Engineering crew who quietly made the broadcast sound perfect

All of those who shared their stories during the event

Watch videos from the event

Musical Slide Show

Michelle Keating – Fisher House Boston, Board of Directors President – 2014 Radiothon

Tommy Lyons – Fisher House Boston, Board of Directors Vice President

Medal of Honor Recipient – Tom Kelley

General Scott Rice

Nick Van Landeghem

Rick Haddad

William Morehouse – 2014 Radiothon

It’s Never Too Late To…

How Donations will be used:
Funds are used for all essential needs including but not limited to; food, transportation, overflow hotels, clothing, toiletries, and special events in the house. The Fisher House Boston also supports long term improvements such as environmental beautification projects, to further create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility for all of the guests to enjoy.