Fisher House of Boston Hotel/Housing Program

For military families receiving treatment at one of our world-renowned Boston Hospitals, the family will be placed in a 4-star hotel conveniently located next to the hospital their loved one is receiving treatment at. To receive this housing the military member does not need to be the patient, we will also provide housing when the military members spouse or child are receiving treatment as well.

If your treatment is at the VA Boston Healthcare System West Roxbury, please contact your assigned VA social worker.

Hotel Program Eligibility:

If your loved one is receiving treatment in Boston and you would like to inquire about staying with the Fisher House of Boston hotel Program, please call Jennifer DeLuca, Executive Director, at 508-728-8781.

Our Partnering Hospitals

We work regularly with, but are not limited to:

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Medical Center

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Dana Farber Cancer Center

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Massachusetts General Hospital

UMass Memorial Hospital

All requirements necessary to receive services from The Fisher House of Boston must be met during scheduling of the stay and prior to receiving any services. This includes, but is not limited to, proof of military service.

All scheduling changes or requests for additional services must be made by The Fisher House of Boston and not the guest. Guests are to reach out to the Fisher House of Boston for any necessary hotel changes.

Guests of The Fisher House of Boston must reside in the room provided for them by The Fisher House of Boston and not leave the hotel room unoccupied for any duration of time, resulting in the purchase of an empty hotel room. For example, if a guest is going to return to their home for a weekend or leave the immediate area for an overnight, they are to check out of the hotel room and we will book a new room for their return date. This rule does not include time spent at the hospital with their loved one.

The Fisher House of Boston reserves the right to refuse service or suspend or revoke existing services to any person or entity seeking or utilizing the services of The Fisher House of Boston at their discretion and without warning.